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Lockdown Doorstep Portraits

When the shock of lockdown subsided, I pulled my socks up, got my camera out and started taking doorstep portraits to raise money for the mental health charity, Mind. The money was donated directly to our local Covid-19 Emergency Response team, to help people suffering with the emotional and pysychologial effects of the pandemic.

I met and photographed people from over 50 households during the project, from elderly neighbours who were shielded to front line NHS workers, and many families each with their own story.

One thing that became so obvious, from so early on is that CV19 was going to effect everyone. Some more than others, and no two people in the same way. But from speaking to people, what was just as clear as the negative side effects, is that community was pulling together and almost everyone benefitted from the remarkable sense of openness and support that was happening.

At the time, it almost felt as though Lockdown would last forever. But now that it has almost passed, the portraits I took feel even more reflective of an extraordinary and completely unprecedented moment in time.

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