Amy Murrell

Lime Wood Hotel

Hotel and spa interiors photography

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It’s amazing how you can feel on holiday when you’re at work! Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest have been asking me to shoot their interiors, grounds, spa, cookery school and events for the past five years and I have loved every minute. I’ve also shot the food at their incredible Harnett and Holder restaurant, run by chef Angela Harnett.

We saw Amy's interior and lifestyle work in Vogue. It fitted perfectly with Limewood's style, so we asked her to come and shoot the hotel interiors, spa and grounds along with our sister hotel Portetta in Courcheval.  Amy works quickly and efficiently, always managing to find the best angle and light for each image - whilst also ensuring the result is inviting and evokes the atmosphere desired. We have worked together for a number of years now and I would highly recommend Amy to anyone!

Lotti Eagles, Head of Marketing, Limewood Hotel

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